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Website links counter/checker tool is used by the webmaster to check their website link value. The tool provides the total internal links and external links to the users which help online marketers to examine link worth of site and help them to establish link building technique. The Ratio of Internal links and externals links should be around close to each other. Our free Website links counter let you analyze how many links your website has.

Link Building is almost the most tricky and tough part of an SEO, but also the key to success. Website Links create a web points which is used by Search engine to move from one site to another. Perfect link building can with do follow and no follow can lead to success in SEO perspective. You can analyze your site links using our Free Link Analyzer Tool to determine what type of links you're using in your site.

Website Links can be risky for SEO as well if they are broken. You can check for broken link by our unique  Broken Link Checker which is the suitable tool for finding all the broken links. If your website doesn't have SEO optimized Meta tags, then you can create your one from our Free Meta Tag Generator.